Les Brown Live in London 20th January 2018

What what! Yes the amazing and inspirational motivational speaker, Les Brown, was in London, UK on the 20th January of  2018.  And he came bring gifts – his daughter, Ona Brown, as well as other speakers and presenters.

First of all, we must give thanks to the promoter, Althea Grant, for bringing Les Brown over and arranging such a great day for all that was there.  Now Althea brought Les Brown over back in 2015 and let tell you she’s got an inspirational back-story.  She hosted it alongside the irrepressible Spencer Fearon, a boxing promoter, manager, Sky Sports presenter and a former boxer too!

The day was from 9.am  to 6.pm and Les Brown came to the stage a little after 10 o’clock to set the spirit of the day (question: which Les Brown YouTube video is that from? Answers in the comments😀).  One thing he said which seemed to reverberate throughout the day was:

“Live Full Die Empty”

And that message seemed to be repeated by the speakers, albeit, in different ways.  

We should get all the ideas and dreams inside us out so that when our time is up we know that we lived a life that was full and now we can die empty as we got out all those dreams and ideas.

I’m reminded of the saying that the richest place in the world is the graveyard.

Questions that Les Brown asked to help us live a full life were:

  1. Why am I here?
  2. Where am I going?
  3. Who do I have to become?



There were quite a few presenters to inspire us and sell us their wares! But hey, they all gave value whilst up on the stage.  First up was the charismatic Raymond Aaron, who was full of energy despite being confined to a wheelchair.  He talked about in order to escape the sea of sameness you need to be branded and have a book.  He talked about four ways to be branded:

  1. Branded by the WOW factor
  2. Branded by achievement
  3. Branded by testimonial
  4. Branded by association

He also talked about in the quest for wealth don’t go for the money; go for visibility and credibility.  Once you are visible and have credibility the wealth will come.

Then we had the dynamic and intense Terrible Twins aka Llewellyn and Rhys Davies.  Their main message was that you need to convince yourself against your own will to succeed and if you show passion and tenacity towards your goal, you will achieve it.  One major takeaway I took from them is:

“Work on an income-producing activity every day

Basically, do the things that get results and as a result (see what I did there!) I am going to listen to their Champions of the Mind podcasts.

Another presenter was Douglas Vermeeren.  What impressed me about him was that he did something akin to Napoleon Hill by interviewing over 400 successful entrepreneurs and top achievers.  He mentioned the three things that Confucius said we need to do to get wisdom:

  1. Reflection
  2. experience
  3. Replicate – find someone who is doing what you want to do and cope

He also said that the greatest threat to our future is the past that we wont let go off- deep!


In between the presenters, were speakers who came to share their inspirational stories.  Alfie Best is a very successful and a very humble man. Coming from the Travellers community, he started his first business at 16, became a serial entrepreneur and is now worth around £300 million.  His nuggets of wisdom is that the secret to success is habit and devout your life to serving others.

One speaker that really moved me was Marie Cosgrove.  Her start to life was quite heart-rendering and you would have thought it would have got better but she ended up in an abusive relationship  and being sexually discriminated at work. But she kept on going and as she says “she gave thanks instead of being bitter”.  She has three things to help you reach your goal:

  1. Dedicated
  2. Determination
  3. Discipline

She asked ” What habits can you give up?” to help you reach your goal.

Les and Ona Brown

Yeees! And now to the main event – Les Brown.

He came on  stage with his daughter (big, grown up woman you know!) and they both did the talk together.  Can’t lie, I was curious to see how Ona would do as normally children who step in the same vocational of a parent who is a legend normally normally failed to meet expectation.

Well, let me tell you – Ona ripped it! She was just as inspiring, uplifting and magical as Les Brown.  It was a joy to see them captivate the crowd  and the Browns gave us a lesson in not only motivation but in family love. I thought it was quite special how you could see the bond and love they had for each other.  At one point, Ona had gone backstage for some time (I think to get a chair) and Les Brown in mid-flow suddenly said: “Where’s my daughter”.  It was sweet.  The way he said it was like she was a five-year old!

Les Brown also brought on a stage a chef, called Chef Editie who is helping Les to have a cancer free body.  Editie is a raw food chef and you can find out more how food is nature’s best medicine here

Les and Ona dropped so many jewels that I think it is better that I bullet point them in categories of decision, action and mindset.


  • If you had a chance to live over, what would you do?
  • What would make your life more fulfilling?
  • If you could have three things of how you would want your life to be, what would they be?
  • Life is short, so only do what you want
  • If you died today, what gifts and what dreams would die with you?


  • Go into action and take massive steps towards your goal
  • Write 7 things at night to do the next day which moves you forward towards your goal
  • Put together a team


  • Find a way to win
  • Pour yourself into your life and dream
  • Give to yourself until your cup runneth over and then give to others from the overflow

I am going to end this with a quote from the big man

“Life is a fight for territory and once you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want will take over”

I hope you got a lot of value out of this blog post, and if you were actually there,  I’m sure this post is taking you back to those memories.

I want to leave you with a gift – it’s a video I’ve done called The F.E.A.R featuring the inspirational words of Les Brown



Let me know what you think?

Listen to the inspirational soundtrack for your inspirational life here


Love is Love

Segge Dan