An Ode To African Women – Celebrating International Women’s Day


 Segge Dan Presents:

 An Ode To African Women

 with the Afrobeats and Hip Hop fusion            track “Lady” featuring Chuka Royalty


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I hope you like the track! It’s a reboot of a classic track of the same name by the late great Fela Kuti.

I’m a big Afrobeat fan (discernible from modern Afrobeats!) and when I first heard Fela’s “Lady” track, I was blown away by the horns.  I was also amazed to hear that Fela didn’t start singing until around seven minutes in.

My track is a lot shorter than that and flips the original message to recognise all African women as ladyseeing their strength and grace.

Saluting the African women who are the cornerstone of the family; the African women who fought for independence and the African women who fight for their dignity and equality.

This one is for you!

Love is Love

Segge Dan

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