GRIOTS BREW – Album Release

Be inspired and uplifted by Segge Dan’s new album, Griots Brew!

His new album, Griots Brew is a blend of inspirational Hip Hop, soulful melodies and uplifting lyrics over a fusion of Hip Hop,  and genres such as soulful house, Afrobeats  and World Music!

With messages of overcoming your fear, going for your dreams, and love, this album will inspire you to reach your potential and feel uplifted.

Griots is the name given to storytellers in West Africa while one definition of Brew means a mixture.

Which is exactly what Segge Dan does: weaving stories of love, hope and inspiration over an eclectic soundtrack.

What they’re saying about Griots Brew!

“If you want to shoulder roll and shake bodi, check out these layered and global beats, that blend well together. There’s something for everybodi!”

Gud Vybez Solutions


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Griots Brew

Release date: Out Now

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