Griots Brew – Album Release

Be inspired and uplifted by Segge Dan’s new album, Griots Brew!


His new album, Griots Brew,  is Hip Hop fused with a range of genres from soulful house, Hindi, Afrobeats to Indie!

With messages of overcoming your fear, going for your dreams, and love, this album will inspire you to reach your potential and feel uplifted.

Griots is the name given to storytellers in West Africa while one definition of Brew means a mixture.

Which is exactly what Segge Dan does: weaving stories of love, hope and inspiration over a blend of Hip Hop, Soul and World Music.


Griots Brew Tracklisting

1.     Love is Love featuring Asya

This soulful Hip Hop songs reminds us that despite the clamour money, fame and power what really counts is love to free our selves.

2.     Tough Love

An impassioned plea to give some discipline and boundaries for our young people in order for them to realise their potential.

3.     Slumdog Millionaire

Inspired by the film of the same name, this is Hip Hop with some Bollywood flavours. Encouraging you to beat your fears so that you can live your dreams!

4.     The Fear

An upbeat high-energy track that will motivate and inspire you to run through your fears.

5.     Light of Dawn featuring Mr C

This indie and guitar-led track asks you to keep on your goal as after the darkest hour comes the light of dawn!

6.     Born to Fly featuring Mattik

An acoustic track that equates the achievements of great olympians to the achievements that we are all capable of.

7.     Love Supreme

Based on a classic Arab song celebrating love.

8.     Lady

Fusing Hip Hop with traditional Afrobeat and modern Afrobeats, this ode to African women is a unique twist of the classic track, Lady, by the originator of Afrobeat, Fela Kuti.

9.     Libation featuring Omar

Libation, the old African tradition of pouring liquor on the ground to honour the ancestors, is the story of Black pioneers who came to Britain in the 50’s and 60’s.

10.     Let it Go featuring Asya

This song has melodic soulful house flavours with an uplifting chorus. The lyrics ask you to move forward by letting go of the past!


About Segge Dan

Segge Dan is a music artist inspiring change through music, words and life. Delivering inspirational messages over an uplifting Hip Hop fusion, Segge Dan uses his music and workshops to connect, uplift and inspire people.

His latest single, Django Untold, is a free download that explores real life slave rebellions and resistance of the Americas and Africa. Inspired by the Taratino film, Django Unchained, this song is history told in rap.

Ever proactive, Segge Dan put on a festival based on the themes of a previous music project called, “The Windrush: Volume 2” at Stratford Circus in 2011. He also became one of the first UK artists to produce a musical based on their music. The musical drama was a sold-out event with over 220 people in attendance, including an Olympic and World Champion!

Segge Dan is heavily involved in social issues and was the chairman of a charity called ADAP which works on development projects in The Gambia and Ghana. He has taught Literacy to homeless young people. He has been part of the One Spirit project delivering self-empowerment workshops to youth offenders; this pioneering work received coverage on BBC London. He has set up a foundation called B’3 to deliver these workshops to challenge the mindset of young people through music dance and drama.

Segge Dan is here to spread his message of love, empowerment and fulfilling potential and has performed nationally and internationally (Ghana): Sharing a stage with Akala at African Liberation Day, London Fairtrade Festival, Sydnham Arts Festival, Kentish Town Street Festival, The Wall (London) Stratford Circus (London) UEA (Norwich) Poetry N Motion (London) and many more.

Segge Dan has been interviewed by publications like The Voice, Life in Colour and Newham Recorder; and radio stations like Colourful Radio, Sensei FM and Pyro Radio. There has been a four-star review in The Metro as well as reviews from The London Paper and the BBC. Radio support has come from BBC 1Xtra, Colourful Radio, Choice FM, Bang FM. and Genesis FM.

Ultimately, Segge Dan just wants his music to CONNECT with people; UPLIFT people and INSPIRE PEOPLE to do.



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