Finding Your Dreams (inspirational poem based on a Jim Rohn text)

Yooooooosh!  I literally busted a gut to get this poem done for the last day of January and I’m so happy that I met my deadline.  This inspirational poem is based on a text called Establishing Your Dreams and Goals by Jim Rohn (those who are on my mailing list should have been sent the text via newsletter)

Now Jim Rohn was a leading motivational speaker and author on self-development and I’ve bought his programmes, watched his videos on YouTube and used his materials when I was teaching.

This poem is based on one of his text that I always used to use at the start of a course or workshop as it really gave clarity to people to discover or rediscover their dreams and goals.  To summarize, the text has these main points

  • we all have the ability to dream
  • we all have the ability to pursue those dreams
  • we have the cognitive ability to lay out a plan and a strategy to achieve those dreams

It also talks about how to find those dreams and the ways are:

  • listen to yourself and not others
  • listen to your heart
  • take time to be quiet
  • think about what really excites you
  • write down all your dreams no matter how crazy they sound

And without fail it would always leave the session mesmerized, energized and revitalized – hopefully it will do the same for you.

Finding your dreams


Feel free to download the image or share it but do let me know what you think in the comments below.  If a lot of you want me to expand more on the text then I may do another blog post so make sure you comment!

Love is Love

Segge Dan

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