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So I got this post from a former student (I used to be a teacher) praising my teaching which really made my day. It was good to know that my music, my workshops and my teaching is having a positive impact on people’s lives. I love her last line where she says “…I (am) still stepping forward toward my dreams

Now the reason she said that is because at the start of every teaching course I did and in the workshops I do, I have a segment called “Establishing your Goals” and it is based on materials by the late, great Jim Rohn. Now, Jim Rohn was a motivational speaker who inspired millions of people to change their life and live their dreams. I love this quote here from him:


Powerful stuff, huh? I love the beauty and simplicity of it all. The fact that we can dream, then we can follow those dreams and finally we can make plans to achieve those dreams.

I love seeing the sheer joy and ecstasy when I get adults to remember what their dreams are! They bring back long forgotten memories that has been buried by people/society telling them they can’t do it or that it’s foolish or simply by the pressures of life.

So when people re-remember (is there such a word?) their dreams it is such a special moment for me, kinda spiritual in fact.

And that’s what my songs on Griots Brew are about – inspiring people to live their dreams; inspiring people to see their potential.

I know my dream it’s to be a financially free music artist inspiring personal, social and spiritual change to millions of people around the world. I’d love to know what you’re dreams are so drop a comment below to let me know!

Just before I go if you’re like a lot of people and you’re struggling to know what your true dream is then here are some tips that will help you:

  • Take time to be quiet
  • Think about what really excites you
  •  Write down all your dreams as you have them
  •  Prioritise those dreams – which dream would you love to do the most?

As a thank you for being one of my subscribers I want to share one of these track with you. It’s called “Born to Fly” and it is a soulful acoustic number reminding you to see and reach your potential.

Now “Born to Fly” actually helped me to fulfil a dream I had which was to perform at the UK’s premier music showcase I Luv Live. My song was entered for a competion against 5 other artists and the song with the most amount views won! Glad to say it was me 🙂

Anyways you tell me what you think of it by downloading it for FREE – no strings attached.

Download Born to Fly here

For Smartphone users use this link below:

Download Born to Fly

If you’re feeling the track you might also want to consider checking out Griots Brew. It’s my latest album and it’s full of songs that would make Jim Rohn proud.

Until next time,

Be you, Be true, Be free

Love is Love
Segge Dan