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Brand New Promotional Single From Segge Dan

“Listen to what people are saying about the track!

“Very educational, and conscious lyrics delivered passionately and smoothly.” National Association of Black Supplementary Schools

“I love the old and the new. The hypnotic strings with the sound of Segge Dan’s voice that pays homage to the griots with his historical account of African resistance” Tuggstar – Writer and Poet

“Beautiful production and a great hook” Oneness, Spoken Word artist and singer – songwriter

1. Django Untold

Django Untold Press Release

Music artist, Segge Dan, brings his uplifting Hip Hop fusion style for a brand new single and free download. Fusing Hip Hop with World Music, Django Untold is an exploration of real life slave rebellions and resistance of the Americas and Africa.

Inspired by the Quentin Tarantino film, “Django Unchained”, Segge Dan uses his storytelling skills to give you a heartfelt and educational song on real life Djangoes.

From Nanny and the Maroons of Jamaica to Queen Nzinga of Angola; Bussa of Barbados to Carlotta of Cuba, Segge Dan shines a light on these historical figures and many more who fought for the emancipation of Black people during slavery. This is history told in rap!

Rapping over a dusty, nomadic guitar rift that was built for storytelling, Segge Dan weaves tales of freedom fighting to take you on an uplifting and emotional journey across time and space.

As Segge Dan said “It was all so fascinating and I knew I had to bring it to life through my gift – rap! I found the perfect song to go over it – Soukora which was created by the great guitarist and producer, Ry Cooder and the Malian singer and guitarist, Ali Farka Toure.” (Read more on how Segge Dan was inspired here)

The artist also wants the song to be used as an educational tool for schools and young people as the names of unsung heroes and forgotten freedom fighters are brought to life. As the Segge Dan says in the song:

Django untold, away from the film and the hype
There’s just historical facts, on real life djangoes

The song is available for a free download for a limited time only at:

As the National Association of Black Supplementary Schools said, “Very educational, and conscious lyrics delivered passionately and smoothly”.

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