Django Unchained: Finding Inspiration Where You Least Expect It


Maaaan, remember when Django Unchained came out!

All that furore surrounding Tarantino from the overuse of the n-word in the film to whether or not a spaghetti western was the right vehicle to talk about the horrors of slavery!

I can’t lie – I’m a big Tarantino fan and I love Westerns too! I remember watching it and feeling good when the Jamie Foxx character took his deadly vengeance on his former captors and then rode off into the proverbial sunset.

Or thinking how devious, odious and Machiavellian the Samuel. L. Jackson character was and how well Samuel Jackson played the character and waiting for him to get his just desserts!

Amidst all that carnage, I left leaving the cinema reflecting on the Real Life Djangoes. The men and women that took arms for real against their oppressive slave masters.

I started off by researching rebellions and revolts and found there were numerous incidents where this is occurred. I mean who knew that Cuba had numerous uprisings and rebellions between the years of 1825 – 1844???

There were some obvious ones that I knew already like Toussaint L’ Oventure and The Haiti Revolution or Nanny and The Maroons.

But not so obvious ones like Bussa’s Rebellion which took place in 1816 in Barbados or the Demerara Revolt which happened in Guyana, 1823, with over 10,000 slaves.

I got so into it that I wrote an accompanying academic article for the song and included a bibliography for people to research further if they wanted to do. The article was picked up by The Voice newspaper and published!

I have had such positive feedback from the song and the article as it has made people want to read up more on these remarkable freedom fighters and it has helped people to find out about history in a fun and exciting way

And that’s why I do music: to bring a voice to the voiceless and shine a light on issues that are not normally in the mainstream consciousness.

My modus operandi is to create songs that make YOU the listener feel something: whether that’s to feel good music or maybe to feel empowered to do something!

So much love for connecting with me and coming along this journey. I’m going to continue to make good music from the soul to connect with you the listener.

If you’d like to hear the latest piece of my journey, click below to listen to my recent works, “Griots Brew”.

Thanks for listening and making my dream become a reality.

Love is Love

Segge Dan