Django Unchained (film)- finding inspiration where you least expect it

Maaaan! I’m pretty excited as I’ve added the finishing touch to a song I’ve just released. That song is called Django Untold – a heartfelt and historical journey on real life Djangoes and it was inspired by the film Django Unchained.

Well my designer has just given me the final version for the front cover and here it is



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Remember when that film came out! All that furore surrounding Tarantino from the overuse of the n-word in the film to whether or not a spaghetti western was the right vehicle to talk about the horrors of slavery!

I can’t lie I’m a big Tarantino film and I love Westerns too. I remember watching, it and feeling good when the Jamie Foxx character took his deadly vengeance on his former captors and then rode off into the proverbial sunset.

Or thinking how devious, odious and machiavellian the Samuel.L.Jackson character was and how well Samuel Jackson played the character and waiting for him to get his just desserts!

Amidst all that carnage, I left leaving that cinema reflecting on the Real Life Djangoes. The men and women that took arms for real against their oppressive slave masters.

I started off by researching rebellions and revolts and found there were numerous incidents where this is occurred. I mean who knew that Cuba had numerous uprisings and rebellions between the years of 1825 – 1844???

There were some obvious ones that I knew already like Toussaint L’Oventure and The Haiti Revolution or Nanny and The Marroons.

It was all so fascinating and I knew I had to bring it to life through my gift – rap! I found the perfect song to go over it – Soukoura which was created by the great guitarist and producer, Ry Cooder and the Malian singer and guitarist, Ali Farka Toure. The guitar rift had this dusty, nomadic, African sound that was built for storytelling

Fast forward to February 2016 I was in the studio recording it to finally today, 3rd of January 2017 where I have the design artwork for it 😃

As my title post says, its amazing where you can find inspiration – in my case inspiration found me amongst the guns, violence and horrors of slavery from the film Django Unchained.

I would love to know where inspiration has found you?

And you can check out the song for yourself to see if I have done it justice by clicking here

Again let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below

Love is Love

Segge Dan

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