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Watch my song, “The Windrush” – a lyrical anthropology of Black British music genres from 1948 until now!
And since it’s Black History Month, I’m giving it to you as a free gift –
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If you like The Windrush, you’re bound to like the album it was taken from, The Windrush Vol.2.  Re-released on the 70th anniversary of SS Windrush (first ship to bring West Indians to Britain), this “edutaining” & conceptual album takes listeners on a historical journey of the different musical styles of Black Britain.  
The lead single Illegal Aliens cleverly reworks Sting’s fabulous “Englishman in New York”, and root it firmly in the Black British experience. The final track Libation is the ancient African ritual of pouring out of spirits to honour the ancestors featuring the timeless vocals of UK living legend Omar Lye Fook MBE. The song pays homage to the hardship of the Windrush Generation who came in the 50’s and 60’s.


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For Black Britanyaa’s The Windrush Volume 2 is the real thing: a celebration of sixty years of Black British endeavour and culture whose ambitions are matched by its execution.

From the outset, this project shouts purpose and fire

Fair Hearing